Bespoke Design

The Andre Michael design team allows you to create your own bespoke ring.  It could be a style you wish to run, something your customer has seen or even modify an existing Andre Michael item.


01 Consultation

Define your vision:

Schedule a consultation with our lead designer, Carlos, and our team of experts today by giving us a call or sending an email to

To ensure a fast and streamlined process, kindly provide us with as many details as possible.

Share any images you have, along with the desired ring size, metal preference, and stone specifications.


02 Design Development

CAD/CAM Image Production:

We will provide you with precise CAD-CAM images tailored to your specifications, allowing you to visualise and present the design to your customer.


03 Prototype 

Wax model production (Optional):

Using our state-of-the-art 3D printing technology, we’ll produce a wax prototype for you to show your customer.


04 Production

Design finalisation:

Upon approval, our skilled craftsmen will meticulously create your bespoke ring, ensuring all details meet your expectations.

Our goal is to complete your project within a timeframe of five weeks, with one week allocated to the design and four weeks dedicated to production.

Our team will be available throughout the whole process to offer you any additional support.